Message from sport Officer.

Mr. Muhia

It is in recognition of the fact that all human faculties need to be developed in order to work in harmony for an all round adjustable personality; that the sports department in CIT has placed special importance to games and sporting activities. In our endeavor to promote various talents in our students the department has invested substantially in sports facilities to create enabling environment for our students to enjoy their god given abilities. Our college has standard playing grounds for football, basketball, volleyball, handball and athletics. Indoor games such table tennis, darts pool, chess and karate also being vibrant. Our college has made a mark in the competitive KETTSSO games most especially in athletics where we managed to garner trophies of silver/bronze in men javelin in year 2015. Our handball team for men is a force to reckon with in the region and a formidable entity in the national games. We continue to improve the standards of our games by providing the necessary equipments in good time and quality and identifying gaps to fill in pursuit of excellence. Looking into the future, we see a department with a greater diversity of sports including swimming, lawn tennis and rugby; with our students having opportunity to compete at professional levels both nationally and internationally. The lecturers in charge of the various sports work passionately in their areas adding value to our sportswomen and men. I take this opportunity on behalf of the department to thank our principal Mr. Kingoina who highly appreciates the importance of games for his unfailing support.