Message to the Granduands from
Dr. Margaret W. Mwakima,
PhD., DD., CBS
Principal Secretary.
State Department for Vocational & Technical Training
Ministry of Education

DrMargaretMwakimaI am delighted to join you in this important occasion of the 9 graduation ceremony of Coast Institute of Technology. Graduation is a very proud and defining moment for the Graduands, Parents, Trainers and other Stakeholders who have all played their part in the end result. I congratulate the Graduands and the entire community of Coast Institute of Technology for all the commitment, determination and hard work culminating in this momentous occasion.

Technical skills and innovations are critical to the future of Kenya and to the achievement of the sustainable development goals and Kenya Vision 2030. We therefore laud the institute management for every effort made towards building the requisite human capital and knowledge base to drive the country's development.

To the Graduands, today makes the end of one phase of your lives and the beginning of another. Welcome to a new phase of your lives. I urge you to work hard and make your values your backbone. I challenge you to take what you have learned from this institute and to go out with passion and determination to use your skills and knowledge to make a difference in our world.

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